Arizona Governor Close to Mistrial

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PHOENIX: For six years Fife Symington has managed to battle on and even win reelection as Arizona's governor in the face of 21 counts of fraud relating to his real estate empire. For the last two months, he's even managed to balance the dual responsibilities of governor and defendent in a federal trial. Now, with the luck of the devil, he will survive in the statehouse for at least a few more days. U.S. District Judge Roger Strand added an alternate juror today, forcing the Republican Governor's trial to start all over again. The new juror replaces Mary Jane Cotey, who told the Arizona Republic that jurors were bargaining over votes. If jurors were vote-trading, which is not allowed, Symington could be the beneficiary of a mistrial. "If he is acquitted, look for him to rebound with a vengeance," says TIME's Richard Woodbury, who has been covering the trial. Symington, despite being declared bankrupt, has already announced he will run next year for a third term.