Carribean Island is Fit to Burst

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OLVESTON, Montserrat: Faced with a volcano ready to blow and a population clamoring to go, Montserrat's British Governor Frank Savage found his plush mansion surrounded by hundreds of screaming protestors today.

With the island's capital already an ash covered no-go zone, the British are offering Montserrat's frustrated residents a ride to neighboring Antigua and limited housing and transportation support for a family with two children, roughly $41,000 for 18 months. The protestors gathered to say: that's not enough. As gas, ash and steam continues to rise from the Soufriere Hills, the remaining Montserratians are asking for British citizenship, unemployment compensation and property protection. Out of an original population of 11,000, just 4,000 are still on the island.

The governor promised the crowd he would talk to London. Keep on talking, Frank, but soon there may not be a Montserrat to talk about.