TUESDAY: Victory for Unions?

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ATLANTA: The strike may be over. The battle for the hearts and minds of the public is not. As the brown brigade goes back on the streets, unions are desperate to make the most from this settlement. Painfully aware that only 14 percent of workers are under their wing, the AFL-CIO are planning a nationwide recruitment drive using the UPS agreement as a rallying flag. Says TIME's Bruce Van Voorst: "They will definitely try to use it as indicative of a sea change in the status of the American worker."

Teamsters leader Ron Carey certainly gave a vituperative performance in the wake of the agreement declaring it "a victory for all working people," who had been "taking it on the chin" too long. UPS fought for their spin, too: CEO James Kelly brushed aside suggestions that the company gave too much in negotiations, and said the contract would "keep us competitive." The company may still profit in the long run and if they carry through their threat to lay off 15,000 formerly striking workers, management may yet have the last laugh.