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The attorney who filed a multi-billion-dollar lawsuit for 10,000 Holocaust victims and heirs that bought insurance from 16 European firms during World War II and contend their claims were denied says the case's first hearing will convene Wednesday in New York.

Sidney Blumenthal's libel suit against cyber-gadfly Matt Drudge will be filed on Wednesday. Really. That's according to Blumenthal's lawyer, William A. McDaniel, who is bringing libel litigation into uncharted territory with this one.

Whispering sweet words of "political pluralism," Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat will meet Wednesday with representatives of Hamas and the Islamic Jihad to sound out their feelings on the peace process. Dealing with the devil, shrieks the Israeli government. Public relations stunt, clamor Palestinian militants. Watch for the belabored Arafat to be stretched like a rubber band on this one.