The King's Movies Deliver

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Twelve days later, and the UPS strike wears on. Time for a packageless America to look to its heroes. Although after 20 years Elvis is reportedly still dead, check out Jailhouse Rock. The best of all Elvis movies, it's a King-as-Icarus biopic with a happy ending, wherein Vince Everett is saved from the killer jumpsuits by the love of a good woman (Judy Tyler, not his mother).

If you pay attention, you'll see that the King, beyond the curled lip and swiveling hips, was one canny negotiator. An hour in, the sullen ex-con has showbiz by the short and curlies, and cufflinks the size of convertibles. See him turn pardner Hunk Houghton (Mickey Shaughnessy) into a dog-walking flunkie, and you'll realize that all Alexis Herman needs to soften the two sides up is a few choruses of "Young and Beautiful" — and a good punch in the throat.

But if you're happy with the Post Office, live in the now with Hollywood's finest impersonations: Kurt Russell's Elvis, David Keith in Heartbreak Hotel, and of course Val Kilmer's turns in True Romance and Top Secret. Coming soon: Teamster prez Ron Carey in Return to Sender.