Need Better Ratings? Bash a Kennedy

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NEW YORK: A week of Kennedy bashing to boost media ratings wouldn't be complete without a shot at Camelot. Days after John F. Kennedy Jr. launched a mini family feud, questioning the morality of his cousins in an article sure to boost sales of his magazine, George, a Swedish aristocrat tells ABC's "20/20" she had a six-year affair with John Sr., starting just weeks before he married Jacqueline Bouvier.

The interview was clearly a convenient vehicle for both parties, certain to boost both "20/20's" ratings when the interview airs tomorrow, and sales of Gunilla von Post's book, "Love, Jack," due out this month. "I loved him. And he loved me. But there was nothing to do... he had another destiny. And so had I," said von Post, who was 21 when she claims to have met the then-36-year-old senator on the French Riviera, in the summer of 1953. If these sort of attacks come in threes, Ted may want to watch his back.