Panel Recommends Increase in Calcium Intake

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WASHINGTON: Got milk? That's not enough. You need more than that if you want strong bones, says the National Institute of Medicine. The institute recommends virtually all US adults should take in more calcium upping daily doses to 1,000-1,300 milligrams as brittle-bone accidents like hip fractures become increasingly common because many Americans have cut dairy out of their diets.

Wait a minute we're confused. First consumer groups like the Centers for Science in the Public Interest (you know, the "fat police" who've been demonizing everything that tastes good) say we're drinking too much fatty milk and cheese. So we stop, and we hear that's making our bones brittle. What's a health-conscious eater to do? Try plenty of skim milk and low-fat cheese, says the institute, to build strong bones without compromising a strong heart.