Kevorkian's Suicide List Grows

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DETROIT: We only knew the half of it. Assisted suicide Dr. Jack Kevorkian has quietly helped with dozens of deaths that never made the evening news, more than doubling his death toll to "nearly 100," according to his attorney, Geoffrey Feiger. Kevorkian previously had been known to have assisted with 46 suicides (or 54, depending on when you counted), the latest one this week. Apparently the additional four dozen or so suicides weren't interesting enough for the local press to dig into them.

Feiger spoke up yesterday after Karen Shoffstall, a 34-year-old New York multiple sclerosis patient, was found dead in a suburban Detroit motel with a note mentioning Kevorkain had helped her. Feiger said many other Kevorkian-assisted suicides had gone unreported because they involved people in Kevorkian's home state, Michigan, and therefore drew little media attention. Michigan issued Kevorkain a cease-and-desist order in April for practicing medicine without a license. He promptly burned it.