Just Shoot Me

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BATON ROUGE: This is the place to live if you feel really, really attatched to your wheels. From Friday, Louisiana residents have a new defence against carjackers. That is, they will be legally allowed to shoot them.

Of course, the new law doesn't just mean you can go around half-cocked, blasting away at any Mazarati mugger you might come across. This isn't the Wild West. There are some caveats: you have to be inside your vehicle when the carjacking occurs, and you could still be fined if you don't have a permit for that concealed weapon. No word on whether you are also required to clean up the corpse.

The "Shoot the Carjacker" law was sponsored by Emile "Peppi" Bruneau, whose home district of New Orleans has been hit by a rash of car thefts. The last straw came in December when Erika Schwarz, Miss Louisiana 1996 and runner-up in Miss America, had her car stolen at gunpoint as she was pulling into her driveway. Well, now Beauty Queens across the state can drive with peace of mind -- and a .45 in their purse.