Ramsey Murder Details Unveiled

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JonBenet Ramsey was found dead with a white cord wrapped around her neck and wrist, along with a broken wooden stick -- with the word "Korea" written on it-- that was apparently used to tighten the cord and strangle her to death, according to a complete autopsy report released this morning. The 6-year-old beauty queen also suffered a severe blow to her head and had been sexually assaulted, police said.

These long-awaited details were unveiled after Denver authorities unsuccessfully fought to block the release of the full report, arguing it could damage the investigation. However, the report basically confirms much of what had already been known about the crime. JonBenet's parents, meanwhile, continue their own search for the killer. But TIME Denver bureau chief Richard Woodbury says that even after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on private investigators the Ramseys remain a "chief focus" of the probe.