Kennedy Family Values, Part 2

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No-one does family feuds quite like the Kennedys. After JFK Junior publically chastised his cousins as "poster boys for bad behavior" in the latest issue of George, Representative Joe Kennedy landed a very palpable hit today with his own piece of quotable bitchiness.

''Ask not what you can do for your cousin, but what you can do for his magazine,'' the congressman said at a press conference in Chelsea, Mass., parodying Uncle John's famous inaugural epithet. Touché!

While it may not be doing much for Cousin Joe's gubernatorial aspirations, there is no doubt that John Junior's attack has boosted sales of the magazine, which hit newsstands today. And considering the nude portrait of America's most eligible former batchelor printed alongside, it seems the proudest boast in the Kennedy clan today is "ich bin ein beefcake."