Robert Mugabe: A Despot's Cruel Resolve

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Desmond Kwande / AFP / Getty

Mugabe said the opposition would never govern in his lifetime and he was ready to go to war to ensure it.

Robert Mugabe's regime likes to talk about breaking the back of Zimbabwe's opposition. John Moyo's story suggests that some of his followers take that charge literally. Moyo (not his real name) is an activist for the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) in Bhegedhe, a village of mud huts and mopani trees in eastern Zimbabwe's Buhera district. Moyo, 45, was walking home from a friend's house one Saturday evening in May, he says, when "I was struck in the back by a heavy object and fell down. I woke up two days later at Birchenough Bridge hospital." Moyo's wife Tendai, 37,...