Foley Under A Microscope: A Selection of Web Articles and Commentary

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A Foley Damage Assessment - So Far
With its finger pointing and mishandling of the scandal, the Republican leadership has given already disaffected voters another reason to throw it out of power. A Prelude To Scandal
Senior Congressional aide Kirk Fordham said he had a conversation with House Speaker Dennis Hastert's office about former Rep. Mark Foley two years ago. Hastert dismisses calls for resignation over Foley scandal
House Speaker Dennis Hastert rejected resounding calls from conservatives and liberals for his resignation, including the noted conservative editorial pages of The Washington Times.

On political track for decades, Foley's career derails in days .
Mark Foley has been running for a succession of offices since he was 23. Just three years ago, he was a leading contender for a U.S. Senate seat. Now, at 52, he has joined the rogues' gallery of members of Congress who resigned in disgrace.

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• A Selection of Articles and Commentary From Around the Web on the Foley Scandal

• A Comprehensive Web Guide to the Mark Foley Scandal

Complete Coverage

• TIME Poll: The Foley Sex Scandal Has Hurt GOP Election Prospects
Two-thirds of those aware of the scandal believe Republican leaders attempted a cover-up, according to a new survey

• The Biggest Winner in the Foley Scandal
Until last week, no one was giving millionaire Democratic candidate Tim Mahoney much of a chance in his race for Congress. Now he's the frontrunner

• The G.O.P.'s Secret Weapon
You think the Republicans are sure to lose big in November? They aren't. Here's why things don't look so bad to them

• Will the Foley Scandal Bring Down Hastert?
The Speaker is well-liked by his colleagues, but as Republicans are passing the blame upwards, he's as far up as they can go

• How Much Will it Hurt the GOP?
The congressman's resignation doesn't just open up a seat for the Democrats in Florida. It could do major damage to the party's reelection hopes nationwide

• Behind Foley's Swift Fall From Grace
Thanks to his previous work against pedophiles, the Florida congressman who sent possibly inappropriate e-mails to a teenager had little choice but to resign. Now the G.O.P. has yet another vulnerable seat to defend

TIME Blogs

• The Daily Dish
Andrew Sullivan on the Foley scandal

Then came the Foley scandal.
So much has happened to the detriment of the image of the Republican party over the past few years. If Democrats cant capitalize on the Foley scandal, then they deserve the same demise as the Whigs.

Greenfield: Could Foley's follies hurt the GOP?.
The political consequences for the G.O.P. could be severe if it is concluded that the partys leadership did not act to deal with Mark Foleys alleged behavior when they knew of it.

The Wrong Message.
Rep. Mark Foley helped exploited children by day. A slew of e-mails suggests he exploited them by night. How the scandal may affect the fight for Capitol Hill.

Houses Program for Teenagers Is No Stranger to Scandal.
Congressional pages arrive in Washington from across the country, sponsored by their local representative or senator. Now, their education includes a possible scandal revolving around sexually explicit Internet and cellphone messages between Mr. Foley, 52, and a 16-year-old former page from Louisiana.

Foley joins list of sex scandals on Capitol Hill.
The resignation of former Rep. Mark Foley has shocked Washington, but it is not the first accusation of impropriety with underage congressional pages to make headlines. The investigation of Mr. Foley's misconduct adds to a long history of Capitol Hill sex scandals.

Two Narratives: the Politics of the Foley Scandal
Could it be that the Democrats witch hunt demand of Republicans has spooked some of their own base? Could the medicine administered to Foley also be applied to certain Democrats in Congress?

Foley 'drank in secret,' seeking help, lawyer says.
Mark Foleys lawyer said that he is an alcoholic, who drank in secret, but is not a pedophile and never ever had sex with minors. He also said the Congressman is an acknowledged alcoholic and is in treatment.

State joins Foley probe.
The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has begun an inquiry into whether former congressman Mark Foley's sexually explicit Internet exchanges with congressional pages violated state law.

Being gay in the GOP.
Foley said the speculation about his sexuality was "revolting and unforgivable." But some see it as his calculated political decision to refuse to discuss his homosexuality in order to better present himself to the hateful right-wingers who dominate GOP politics.

Nude Family Values.
U.S. Rep. Mark Foley, one of Washington's leading advocates for missing and exploited kids, doesn't like the idea of a clothes-free camp for teenagers. After reading a story in the New York Times, he decided to raise a fuss.

Many Obstacles Face Negron in Fla. 16, Especially Foleys Name.
It it will be Foleys name, not replacement candidate Joe Negrons, that residents of the south-central Florida district will see when they cast their votes. And it is possible, if not likely, that many will be uncomfortable punching Foleys name, given the circumstances surrounding his hasty departure from the race and his House seat

Foley Fallout
There's a potentially ugly side to Democratic glee over the Foley scandal: For this scandal to cause lasting damage to GOP leaders, Democrats may have to use homophobia in a way usually associated with the Republican Party.

Foley and His Friends
Is it really plausible that Foley had, in his long career, not done anything else to make his colleagues suspicious? The electronic trail does not exactly suggest that he has been discreet. Several pages have told reporters that in their circle, Foleys proclivities were discussed.

Compiled by Madison Gray