Q & A with Sandra Day O'Connor

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TIME: So what do you do actively to counter this?

O'Connor: I am co-chairing a conference sponsored by Georgetown University and the American Law Conference at the end of this month. We've invited opinion-makers and leaders from around the country to come to that conference and talk to us about what they see and what they think. Perhaps we'll have some follow-up conferences.

TIME: So your husband is seeing even less of you than before?

O'Connor: He is at the moment. Now he wonders if he's still married.

TIME: How is his health these days?

O'Connor: His physical health is pretty good. His mental condition, with the Alzheimer's, is a continuing deterioration. He doesn't remember things. There is no real solution to that at this point.

TIME: Do you still have time to follow the work of the court?

O'Connor: I get a copy of all the decisions. But I can't be involved in it, so my best bet is to read what they've done. I read it and I do think, Hmmh, I agree with that or I don't agree with that.

TIME: And how about your colleagues on the court? Do you still see them?

O'Connor: Of course. During the term of the court, I stop by and have lunch with the rest of them like we always have. There are many occasions to see each other, and I will continue that. We all get along very well and like each other. We all meet together. We don't make it a little one-on-one deal. It's a group thing.

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