Young Japan (Asia)

For too long, Japan's youth have been a silent minority. Now, on the eve of a crucially important general election, they seek a bigger voice in forging the future of their aging nation


The Rage Over Goldman Sachs (The Economy)

CEO Lloyd Blankfein has a great backstory. But its lost in the noise over his firm's lopsided earnings — and its outsize bonuses — as the rest of the country struggles. Is Goldman a paragon of Wall Street smarts or a showcase of its greed?



A New Deal

To reinvigorate its economy, Japan needs to ditch the bankrupt policies of the past

Watching the Border

What a blog post reveals about Chinese attitudes toward fast-rising neighbor India


China's Power Play (Automotive)

The market for electric cars is about to get bigger — and Beijing wants Chinese firms ready to cash in


Rebel with a medal (Books)

Hanif Kureishi sheds light on Britain — and what it means to be an Asian there