How AIG Became Too Big to Fail (United States)

Years of unregulated and risky deals exposed the insurance giant to catastrophic losses. Now it's paying bonuses to the same people who created the mess. With our money. A look at why a dark corner of the global economy is costing taxpayers $170 billion


The New Great Game

How Asian nations are taking advantage of Burma's isolation and scrambling for the country's riches


Ian McKellen: The Player (Theater)

Ian McKellen is the greatest British stage actor of his generation — though it took his onscreen turns to finally prove it


Islam's Soft Revolution (Islamic Revolution)

Across the Muslim world, a new generation of activists, bloggers and preachers is discovering ways to synthesize Islam and modernity


Cash for Clunkers (Economic Stimulus)

Governments are trying to restart their seized-up auto industries by giving consumers reasons to start buying cars again

Dark Vision (Global Investing)

Economist Nouriel Roubini saw the crisis coming. Now he expects a "near depression" unless leaders take stronger action

Charity Crunch Time (Corporate Conscience)

As the recession bites, companies struggle to get more out of their philanthropic spending