How They Would Lead (Campaign '08 / How They'd Govern)

No matter who wins, the 44th U.S. President will inherit a nation in a world of hurt. A look at how each man would face an epic challenge


If Obama Wins (In the Arena)

His challenge from the start will be getting two big issues — one foreign, one domestic — right


That Wealth Spreader

Connect the dots in U.S. cultural history and it all becomes clear: Barack Obama is a communist!



Taking a Step to the Right? (N. Z. Election)

Many New Zealanders have nursed doubts about the socialist ways of their government. Presented now with a credible alternative, the nation seems ready for a change of direction

Postcard from Cooktown

Once hunted with gusto, Australia's crocodiles are treated with a deference some people doubt they deserve. Now the death of a camper has brought calls for a cull


The 50 Best Inventions of the Year

A sociable robot. A bionic hand. Gasoline made from algae. The world's most powerful particle accelerator. We look at 50 great ideas that are reshaping the way we live today — as well as the way we will live tomorrow