Rush Hour Terror (Cover Story)

After a strike in the heart of London, suspicion again falls on Islamic radicals. Inside the hunt for the bombers

3 Lessons from London (Cover Story)

As investigators unravel the plot, here's what the attacks reveal about how al-Qaeda operates todayand why the bombings may be a sign of things to come

Facing Facts in America (Cover Story)

There can't be police on every train foreverbut there's still plenty that U.S. cities can do


A Deepening Divide

Japan likes to think of itself as one giant middle class. But wrenching economic and social shifts are splitting the nation into ranks of haves and have-nots

Heaps of History (Heritage)

India is the world's greatest heritage sitea wonder of ancient temples, royal tombs and colonial mansions. But many of them are at risk


Uncharted Waters

When CNOOC's CEO set his sights on Unocal, he had no idea of the storm he'd cause in D.C. and his boardroom