Surviving Darfur (Cover Story)

Every day is a struggle for food, shelter and medecine in western Sudan. A special photo essay by TIME's James Nachtwey

The Tragedy of Sudan (Cover Story)

In western Sudan, 50,000 people have been killed and 1.4 million forced from their homesyet the world is inexplicably idle


Breaking the SARS Code

Using a novel research technique, Hong Kong scientists find new ways to attack a deadly disease

Indonesia's New Deal

The nation will soon have a new President, but the same old problems remain. Can Yudhoyono enact the reforms that eluded his predecessors?


Attack of the Blue Lasers

Sony and Toshiba have different ideas about how DVDs should evolve, and neither company is backing down. Who will win the high-stakes format wars?


Medicare and Feuding (Australian Election 2004)

While both parties tinker with the national health system, doctors feel squeezed and short-changed

Latham's Ladder (Australian Election 2004)

If he wins on Oct. 9, Labor's new leader wants to change politics. Is he a social revolutionary - or an old-style politician with clever marketing?