The Royal We (The Wedding / Kate and William)

It wasn't just a wedding. It was the House of Windsor preparing for its next act

Pip, Pip Hooray (The Wedding / Kate and William)

If the internet is a reliable guide, someone people had barely heard of before the ceremony, stole the show

The Dress (The Wedding / Fashion)

The exquisite Alexander McQueen design blended modern construction with British tradition

The Kate Question (The Wedding / The Princess)

She seems sensible and proper, almost to a fault. Can she fill the Diana-shaped hole in Britons' hearts?

But Will It Last? (The Wedding / Viewpoint)

What the data say about the royal newlyweds' odds of happily ever after

For Better Or For Worse (The Wedding / Marriage Matrix)

Where will Kate and Wills fall in the pantheon of notable couples?

Three Weddings And Two Funerals (The Wedding / History)

No, Britain doesn't have a placid tradition of monarchy but rather a royal history marked by turbulence, celebration and tragedy

The Problem With Princes (Commentary)

It isn't unpatriotic for Britons to be republicans. It's a sign that they love their country


The Sport of Kings

What makes a royal wedding like a ball game? Scorecards, slo-mo replays and picking the MVP


Fight Club (Next Time You're in ... Rome)

A combatant's view of the Colosseum