Heroes of the Environment

The political leaders, entrepreneurs, activists and scientists leading the fight to save our planet

To Our Readers

TIME correspondents and guest writers hail our Heroes of the Environment


Kevin Conrad

He took on the U.S. government and proved that smaller nations can lead the way in fighting climate change

Arnold Schwarzenegger

The action hero turned politician plays a starring role in the global war on carbon emissions

Sheila Watt-Cloutier

As the Arctic's ice melts, an Inuit woman speaks out for those who are losing their way of life

Alice Waters

This pioneer of cooking with fresh, local ingredients proves that going green can be a source of sublime pleasure

Kim Stanley Robinson

Whether set in Washington or on Mars, his novels inspire optimism about what the future could be

Habiba Sarabi

War-torn Afghanistan is an unlikely environmental role model. But don't try telling that to the trailblazing Governor of Bamiyan province

Bharrat Jagdeo

Guyana's President takes a novel approach to defending his nation's pristine rain forest


Mick Bremans

A Belgian company's soaps and washing powders are cleaning up in more ways than one

John Doerr

His visionary dot-com bets made him a billionaire. Now this venture capitalist is bankrolling tomorrow's green-tech stars

Peter Head

From China to Azerbaijan, a British engineer lays out radical plans to make cities more sustainable

Peggy Liu

Can one woman (and her remarkable Rolodex) connect the experts needed to meet China's challenges?

Shai Agassi

A former software wiz envisions Israel as the first country to shift entirely to using electric cars


Annie Leonard

With wit and poignancy, she reveals the real cost of our throwaway culture

Wang Yongchen

This Chinese journalist pushes to ensure that "environmental protection" isn't an empty slogan

Jack Sim

A toilet expert's campaign for better sanitation in the developing world could save countless lives

Balbir Singh Seechewal

A Sikh holy man inspires volunteers from dozens of Indian villages to clean up a sacred river

Silas Kpanan'Ayoung Siakor

His courageous investigation exposed human-rights abuses — and helped preserve a vast African forest

Craig Sorley

This eco-evangelist calls on fellow believers to care for God's creation

Marina Rikhvanova

Her defense of Siberia's Lake Baikal stirred a new wave of awareness in Russia

Van Jones

He saw that building a green economy could be a huge boon for minorities and the working class


Soren Hermansen

To help a Danish island go carbon-free, he harnessed its most sustainable asset: the power of community

Lonnie Thompson

The world's leading paleoclimatologist ventures to the highest glaciers to drill out the truth about global warming

Mohammed Dilawar

An Indian scientist devotes his life to saving the sparrow, and warns that its disappearance is an ominous sign

Jurgenne Primavera

By promoting sustainable seafood farming, a Filipina scientist saves mangroves that are ecologically vital

Joachim Luther

Colleagues were appalled when he abandoned nuclear physics — but he became a solar visionary

Vo Quy

He protected Vietnam's flora and fauna from the ravages of war. Now he fears the toll of torrid economic growth



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