Too Hot to Handle (Science)

With new evidence piling up by the day, global warming is becoming increasingly hard to deny


The Ugly Game (Europe / Spain)

Spain prides itself on its reputation as a tolerant multicultural society, but is struggling to boot racism out of its soccer stadiums

A Strange Kind of Revolution (Essay / France)

The violent protests sparked by proposed employment reform show that France is in danger of falling into its old ways — and losing out to global competitors


Crushing Liberty's Cry (Europe / Belarus)

Liberty Day is marked by clashes between police and critics of the election result

The Showdown in Italy (Notebook / Italy)

Silvio Berlusconi goes on the offensive to shore up his flagging election campaign


Starving In A Land Of Plenty

In a nation devastated by civil war, imminent elections and E.U. peacekeepers are unlikely to heal the country's wounds