Rock-Star Statesman (Persons of the Year)

The U2 frontman lobbied world leaders to boost aid to the developing world — and got results

Q&A (Persons of the Year)

Bono and the Gateses on their unique alliance

Hard Drive (Persons of the Year)

How the Gateses' philanthropy brought global health crises out of the dark


A Man On A Mission (European Newsmaker)

After eight months in the job, Benedict XVI proves he's more than just a caretaker Pope


The Odd Couple (Partners Of The Year)

The natural disasters of the last 12 months turned former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush from old rivals into new collaborators

Changing Faces

From presidents to prosecutors, spooks to sporting heroes, visionaries to villains: a gallery of the people who made a difference to the world in 2005

Parting Shots (Persons of the Year)

A final goodbye to a few of the famous folk who passed away this year.


The Jungles Of The Mind (Arts / Exhbitions)

A magical voyage through the strange, hypnotic dreamscapes of Henri Rousseau



Back On Track (Long Haul)

Two wheels good for a life-changing experience

Franklin Slept Here (Dossier)

The U.S. founding father's last standing home gets a new lease on life

Wall Mart (Home)

A night on the tiles takes on a whole new meaning