Some Kind Of Wonderful (European Journey)

TIME correspondents and intrepid guest writers share their sojourns to some of Europe's most breathtaking sights




They're Playing His Song (Viewpoint | The G-8 Summit)

Tony Blair uses rock-star diplomacy to get his message across, says TIME's J.F.O. Mc Allister


Now, Meet The Dockers

After last year's hits, documentary films are suddenly red hot. Here are some of the best


Spy Games (Notebook | Italy)

Did the C.I.A. attempt to kidnap an Islamic cleric in Milan?

The Right Stuff (Notebook | France)

With an eye on 2007's presidential race, Nicholas Sarkozy takes a hard-line on crime

Murder And Turmoil (Notebook | Lebanon)

Tension mounts in Lebanon as another anti-Syrian figure is assassinated

Schröder's Political Future (Notebook | Letters)

Our cover story on the German Chancellor calling for snap general elections aroused enthusiasm from Schröder's staunch supporters. His critics, however, doubt he can address Germany's problem


Walking On Thin Ice (European Journey | Aletsch Glacier, Switzerland)

Europe's largest glacier been retreating for nearly 150 years. Today, its icy heights and rare flora and fauna are part of a vanishing landscape

The Thinking Man's Disneyland (European Journey | Palazzo Ducale, Italy)

Duke Federico da Montefeltro greatest achievement is a palatial tribute to art and artists

The Sacred Heart Of The City (European Journey | Smithfield Market, London)

Smithfield is still the best place in London to find the marvelous, the mundane and the miraculous

On Top Of The World (European Journey | Hurtigruten Express, Norway)

Norway's Hurtigruten Coastal Express sails along one of Europe's most gorgeous — and treacherous — coastlines

High And Mighty (European Journey | Prague Castle, Czech Republic)

Prague Castle has always reigned supreme over the Czech capital

Selimiye The Magnificent (European Journey | Selimiye Mosque, Turkey)

Selimiye Mosque retains its power to invoke a sense of the sublime

Far From The Madding Crowd (European Journey | Lake Baikal, Russia)

Baikal, the world's oldest and deepest lake, sustains rare plants and animals — and the Russian and Buryat peoples

Munich's Stadium Of Light (European Journey | Allianz Arena, Munich)

Part spaceship, part chameleon, the new Allianz Arena is a marvel of design and technology

Ancient Grand Masters (European Journey | Chauvet Cave, France)

Where do you find some of Europe's most magnificent paintings? Deep below the surface of southern France

Journey To The Center Of The Earth (European Journey | Golden Circle, Iceland)

The waterfalls, geysers and submerged ravines of Iceland's Golden Circle form a stunning primeval theme park

Where The Wild Things Are (European Journey | Donana National Park, Spain)

One of Europe's most magnificent ecosystems thrives where the Guadalquivir River meets the Atlantic

The Crystal Palace (European Journey | Versailles, France)

Versailles costly refurbishment will restore Louis XIV's sumptuous retreat to its former glory

Written In Stone (European Journey | Orkney Islands, Britain)

The austere, awe-inspiring Orkney Islands, off Scotland's northern coast, are a living museum

Eat Your Heart Out (European Journey | Culinary Marvels)

Innovative chefs are shaking up our traditional relationship to food

Touching The Void (European Journey | Millau Viaduct, France)

The world's tallest road bridge is a marvelous mix of artistry and technology