Kerry's Record (Cover | The Race To Be President)

His 19 years as a Senator involved big investigations, little legislation — and some surprising alliances. A TIME report


The Escape Artist (Britain | Blair Under Pressure)

Blair shrugged off two threats to his job in one week, but to restore voter confidence he must still explain why Britain was right to go to war


A Devil's Bargain? (Middle East | Israel)

Germany brokers a prisoner swap between Israel and Hizballah. Arafat's frozen out — but the killing goes on



Witness-Box Weirdness (Notebook | Germany)

Cloak and dagger in the courtroom as surprise witness appears in a bushy brown wig and glasses

Biz Watch (Notebook)

The Glory of France; Tps For The Modern Executive; No Slow Worm;

World Watch (Notebook)

Powell and Putin; Animal Rights Victory; Ch´vez Shock;


How Long Can This Grow On? (Davos 2004 | The Board of Economists)

The global economy is finally starting to hum. But will deficits and wild exchange rates kill this recovery?


Love Is in the Air (Global Adviser | Cost-Of-Living-It-Up-Index)

Want to make a romantic statement? Take to the skies

Triumphal Arch (Global Adviser | Diversions)

Shanghai's hottest new bar is a focal point for the city's most discerning style aficionados

Pitt Stop (Global Adviser | Next Time You're In... Oxford)

Journey to the farthest reaches of the Victorian world at the gloriously eccentric Pitt Rivers Museum

Keep on Truckin' (Global Adviser | Style Watch)

Think proletarian chic stopped with Grunge's lumberjack shirts and beat-up sneakers? Think again!