The Guys from Gucci

They turned a tired, debt-ridden firm into a $8 billion powerhouse. Now they're battling mighty LVMH for luxury-goods supremacy

In the Bag

Gucci's acquisitions over the past few years have created a heavy-hitting stable of haute labels


Bad Air over Kyoto

Bush's torpedoing of the 1997 global warming pact puts a chill on Europe's relations with the U.S.

Farmers' Tales

Human victims of the foot-and-mouth epidemic watch helplessly as it destroys businesses, ruins lives and turns neighbor against neighbor

Triangle of Death

Three factories pollute a Romanian town, stunting the health and lives of its children


Things Are Getting Ugly

Three blue aliens with a butt-kicking attitude hope to invade children's hearts — and parents' wallets

South African Invasion

Companies take advantage of the post-sanctions era to expand their business throughout the continent


Sex in the City

A blockbuster exhibition in Paris of the erotic art of Pablo Picasso is provocative and titillating but ultimately unsatisfying

Sing It Loud and Proud

After two decades of silence, Iran's Googoosh makes a triumphant return to the world stage


Africa's Lost Souls

Letter from Luanda: What can be done for millions of rootless, desperate and dying Angolans?


Saddam In a Box

The Amman summit showed that Arabs love Iraq — but not its troublesome leader


World Watch

A weekly roundup of news events worldwide