The Great Fall (Global Business)

The global economic system needs fixing. That will require new ideas and cooperation


How to Spend the Stimulus

Barack Obama wanted a bill that would jump-start the economy and invest in the future. Congress has larded it with wasteful spending and special-interest tax cuts. Here's how to get it right

What Would Lincoln Do? (History)

Born in poverty 200 years ago, the 16th President was a self-starter who believed the government had to step in when markets failed. His views on the economy still ring true today


A Great Divide

India is building a fence along its 2,500-mile border with Bangladesh to contain what New Delhi perceives to be external threats to the nation's security. Yet the fence is also a metaphor for the many domestic challenges India faces on its own

Pakistan's Prospects

Richard Holbrooke, the Obama Administration's new point man for a troubled region, is familiar with tough assignments. But can he balance what the U.S. needs with what Pakistan wants?


The Art of War (Books)

A somber volume of paintings and sketches depicts the Vietnam War from the Vietnamese side


Thailand's Wild East (Diversions)

Ranches. Stetsons. Steak. It must be Thailand's Khao Yai reserve

Mao's Hometown (TIME Traveler)

Visit Shaoshan, in China's Hunan province, where a museum, library and ersatz 1960s communal farm are dedicated to the founder of the People's Republic

A Hidden Gem in West Java (Amuse-Bouche)

A 90-year-old Dutch colonial home in the backstreets of West Java's Bandung houses Wind Chime, a new restaurant whose tables are the most sought after in town