How to Spend a Trillion Dollars (Inauguration)

That's how much money Barack Obama says is needed to kick-start the economy. How he spends it could determine the fate of his presidenc

No Time to Waste (Inauguration)

More than any other official, new Treasury chief Timothy Geithner bears the burden of rescuing the U.S. economy. Is he the right man for the job?

One Dream Realized (Inauguration)

Seven icons of the civil rights movement reflect on their progress and setbacks, the meaning of Jan. 20, 2008 to African Americans and what King would make of the country Obama will soon lead

The Permanent Campaign (Inauguration)

Linked by e-mail and Facebook, millions of Obama backers are staying involved — and gearing up for 2012


The New Alchemy (Energy / Biofuels)

As criticism of corn-based ethanol grows, companies are at work on the next generation of biofuels

Out of Africa (Energy / Solar)

Could the solar energy that bakes the Sahara one day power all of Europe? Dreamers believe so

Catching the Currents (Energy / Tidal Power)

Long thought of as costly and cumbersome, tidal power is starting to entice investors


The Aborted Revolution (Books)

A new study contends that China never lived up to the promise of its early economic reform

Social Studies (Books)

Pakistani high society gets lampooned, and deliciously so

She Ain't Heavy (Movies)

But the subjects of Nia Dinata's films quite often are


Storming the Teacup (Amuse-Bouche)

London's Rare Tea Company sources and sells exclusive, uncommonly tasty teas from Asia and Africa