Does Temperament Matter? (Campaign '08)

Call it reflexes in a crisis. Or instincts under pressure. The qualities that a President needs to succeed are both essential and elusive


Now the Real Pain Begins (Global Economy)

When it started, the crisis seemed like an electrical fire on Mt. Olympus, troubling only to gods of finance. But in an interconnected world, a Wall Street meltdown can deliver a shock anywhere to anyone linked to the commercial grid. Here are stories from the Main Streets of Asia and Europe, where fires are breaking out — and with recession looming, the blazes seem sure to spread


Why the Buck Has Pluck

Despite the crisis, the U.S. dollar has been remarkably resilient. Will the rally last?

Central Command

The financial crisis spotlights the benefits of government-guided capitalism — like China's



A Tale of Two Islands (Travel)

Bali and Phuket are both terrific tropical paradises. But which you choose for your holiday home (if you can still afford one) depends on how you want to live your life


Prodigal Pen (Authors)

A novel about India's dispossessed bags Aravind Adiga the Booker. Will that win him India's admiration?


A Perfect Day in London (TIME Traveler)

Step out with chef Heston Blumenthal, author of The Big Fat Duck Cookbook