Charting the Mekong's Changes

By turning the Mekong into a busy highway for trade and a new source of hydropower, China boosts the economies of its neighbors — yet threatens the very life of the waterway it seeks to tame

Graphic: Ebb and Flow

The Mekong provides food, facilitates trade and generates hydropower. But it is not as mighty as before


Cooking with Gas

China's red-hot growth continues to spark global trade as it spawns a new generation of multinationals

LDK Solar

Capitalizing on the boom in renewable energy


Burma Goes from Bad to Worse

Burma's military junta has, as is its wont, cracked down on recent street protests. Yet a host of factors point to even more treacherous times ahead



The Art of War (Exhibition)

A new look at old photos from the front line

Mustn't Miss in Milan (TIME Traveller)

Traditional elegance meets a radical subculture in Italy's fashion capital

Choc and Awe (Best ever ... Pain au Chocolat)

Paris' best ever pain au chocolat

Out of the Woods (Design Watch)

With unrivaled flexibility, the most traditional material can also be utterly modern