What Would War Look Like? (Cover Story)

A conflict is no longer quite so unthinkable. Heres how the U.S. would fight such a warand the huge price it would have to pay to win it

"We Do Not Need Attacks" (Cover Story)

Exclusive: On the eve of a visit to the U.S., Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks to TIME's Scott MacLeod about debating President Bush, pursuing nuclear energy and denying the Holocaust


China's Unwelcome Mat

Foreign firms are lining up to invest in China. But Beijing seems increasingly loath to let them in


Voices of Dissent

Vietnam's dissidents are using Internet telephony to push their cause, but the police are listening


Justice Long Delayed (Notebook)

Thirteen years later, verdicts are coming in for the alleged plotters of India's worst terror attack. Is it too late to make a difference?

Letters (Notebook)

The Daily Hell That Is Baghdad


Balancing Act

Asia's dynamism has reshaped the global economic landscape, and the IMF is trying to adapt


Drive Time (The Great Outdoors)

An old-fashioned, modern-day cattle drive

Paradiso Found (Next Time You're In... Indonesia)

Indonesian isolation, Italian style

Search Parties (Amuse Bouche)

Discovering the remotest outpost of Hong Kong's high life at Restaurant 131

Arts and Minds (Diversions)

International art with local flair at Asia's Biennales