Going Nowhere (Cover Story)

By doing business with Burma, Asian countries help its brutal military regime stay in power— while the Burmese people remain trapped in a time warp of poverty, oppression and economic misrule

Counterattack (Viewpoint)

Sanctions are the most effective weapon against Burma's military regime


Living on the Edge

High-flying tycoon Takafumi Horie is entangled in a fraud investigation, rattling stock markets and raising doubts about Japan's economic recovery

Collateral Damage (Viewpoint)

Livedoor's woes may be a setback for corporate reform


History's Mysteries

A newly revealed map could put China at the forefront of world explorationif it's real


Saving the Tribal Soles (TIME Global Adviser)

The clash of modern and indigenous cultures informs a Vancouver artist's latest show

Sheer Pandemonium (TIME Global Adviser)

The birthplace of calypso heats up with the mother of all steel-band fetes

Style Watch (TIME Global Adviser)

The Picture-Perfect Pout

Up to the Minute (TIME Global Adviser)

A sampler of the latest in fashion, cocktails, technology and travel


No More Heroes

Scarred by scandal, leaders in such fields as politics, business and science are viewed with mounting suspicion. How are they being undermined and what can they do to shore up public trust?


Powerless In the Paddy Fields


A Year of Troubles (Notebook)

Thousands take to the streets in Nepal despite an increasingly harsh crackdown by the King

Bird Flu Watch (Notebook)

New study challenges the efficacy of Tamiflu against the avian virus

Letters (Notebook)

The Good Samaritans