Dogged Pursuit (Cover Story)

First sheep, now a dogwhat next? How a lab in South Korea perfected a cloning technique that is likely to transform medical research around the world


Tough Talks

The WTO meeting in Hong Kong will be fractious and frustrating, but it may not be the total failure many expect

The Farm Fight

The WTO tries, once again, to curb farm subsidies that distort global prices

Of Rice and Men

By subsidizing their farmers, governments are trying to preserve a way of life


Eternal Beauty (TIME Global Adviser)

Sana'a, virtually untouched by time, delights the senses

Beauty: Buttered Up (TIME Global Adviser)

Cioccolatina's beauty products bring a little African warmth to European winters

Kiddie Couture (TIME Global Adviser)

Age is only a numbera roundup of fun products for the young and young at heart


Shades of Gray

James Whitlow Delano's photographs convey a smoggy, melancholy yet beautiful vision of China


A Perilous Victory (Notebook)

A hardline candidate's win in Sri Lanka's presidential elections could push the country closer to chaos

Buy! Sell! Run! (Notebook)

A Chinese trader racks up big losses on commodities dealsand disappears

Letters (Notebook)

The Making of the Modern Male