The Creation of Yao Ming (Book Excerpt)

From the beginning, the life of China's biggest sports star was shaped by two powerful, often competing forces: his mother and the communist government


Breaking Through (Cover Story)

South Korea used manufacturing muscle to build a modern economy. Now it has started to focus on using its head



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Hambleton Hall's divine cuisine and relaxed ambience make for the perfect getaway

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Where the Wild Things Are

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Which treatment you choose depends on your risk factors and your comfort level with untested remedies


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Conventional wisdom says its strategy is wrong, yet it keeps turning out great products. TIME looks inside the world's most innovative company

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We assembled some of the smartest people we know to identify the trends that are most likely to affect our future. What we got was a fascinating discussion about religion, technology and politics and why no one's golf scores seem to be getting any better


In Peril On The Sea

The waters off Somalia are infested with pirates—and things are getting worse


Letters (Notebook)

Living Better Longer