The Wasted Asset (Cover Story)

Japanese women are smart and entrepreneurial, so why is so little effort made to harness their talents?

Japan's Me Generation (Cover Story)

More companies are designing products and services geared for the Japanese woman


Rising Sunlight

How Japan's lack of oil helped make it the world leader in solar panels


Hold Your Fire (Notebook)

Sri Lanka's government and the separatist L.T.T.E inch closer to peace


For Argument's Sake

Nobel laureate Amartya Sen's new book claims that debate has always been a vital part of Indian culture

Remastering the Record (Arts/Exhibition)

Art story or history? Artifact or artifice? Michael Stevenson recreates the relics of a painter's voyage, with unsettling results


Desert Storm (TIME Global Adviser)

In its 19th year, the Burning Man festival still remains commercial free

Let RSS Go Fetch (TIME Global Adviser)

Free software can help surfers keep track of their favorite blogs and news websites

Inner City Oasis (TIME Global Adviser)

Langham Place Hotel is situated in the "real" Hong Kong

Top Dog (TIME Global Adviser)

Hot dogs are a Chicago specialty. Here's where to find the city's best