Get Moving! (Cover Story)

It's not just a matter of looking svelte. Exercise does remarkable things for your health. So what are you waiting for?


The Troubled South

Tensions simmer in the country's south as both Muslims and Buddhists lead troubled lives, afraid of being caught between insurgents and the security forces

A Real Fix or Just Hot Air?

The U.S., Australia and four Asian nations broker a new global-warming deal to complement the Kyoto Protocol. Environmentalists say the plan is hot air


Web of Knowledge (Time Global Adviser)

Some of the most informative travel guides are now online

Amuse Bouche (Time Global Adviser)

"I'll Have Soya On The Rocks"

Bangkok's Chic Street (Time Global Adviser)

A once obscure back street is becoming the Thai capital's mecca of hip

Check In (Time Global Adviser)

Designs on Seoul


Bombay's Rain Check (Notebook)

Deadly monsoon rains bring India's business capital to a standstill

Japan's Nervous Neighbors (Notebook)

Sixty years after the end of World War II, some Asians are still uneasy about Japan's global role

Letters (Letters)

Turmoil in the Philippines