The Rove Problem (Cover Story)

Did Bush's top aide commit a crime talking to reporters about a spy? Here's what the case is really aboutand why it grows more fascinating

"What I Told the Grand Jury" (Cover Story)

EXCLUSIVE Matthew Cooper reveals exactly what Karl Rove told himand what the special counsel zeroed in on


Crude Fight

Wildcat drillers in China are battling Beijing after their oil wells were seized

More, Please (Viewpoint)

South Korea's offer of electricity to North Korea is a start, but will it be enough?


J.K. Rowling: Hogwarts And All

As the much awaited Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince arrives in stores, J.K. Rowling talks frankly to Lev Grossman about fantasy, fathers and how the magic is almost over


Asset Building (TIME Global Adviser)

The grand legacy of China's 19th-century migrants is still on display in Southern China

The Other Japan (TIME Global Adviser)

There's more to the nation than bullet trains and neon-lit cityscapes

The Dish On Dakar (TIME Global Adviser)

Senegal's Atlantic coastline ensures an abundance of seafood

Virgin Territory (TIME Global Adviser)

Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson opens his Marrakech estate as a luxury hotel


Magic Kingdom

A new Disneyland will bring in the tourists, but can it turn workaholic Hong Kong into Fun City?


Seoul's Power Play (Notebook)

South Korea's offers to fix the North's electricity woes if Kim Jong Il gives up his weapons program

Don't Mess With Us (Notebook)

Would China use nuclear weapons if the U.S. interceded in a Taiwan straits conflict?

Thaksin's Troubles (Notebook)

An economic slump and deadly bombings in the South have put Thailand's Prime Minister on the defensive