The Class of 9/11 (Cover Story)

An intimate look at how the United States' most storied military academy is steeling its students for war


Deals and Diplomacy

China's influence in Southeast Asia is growing as its trade and investments boom

Frayed Ties

The Gloves are off in U.S.-China trade spat

The Energy Game

A Chinese oil company is thinking of bidding for a U.S. one. Does that make sense?


Italy's Cutting Edge (TIME Global Adviser)

A visit to this barber shop is as much for the art of its heirlooms as the art of its hair

On the Detective's Trail (TIME Global Adviser)

Follow Botswana's famous female sleuth, courtesy of Alexander McCall Smith

Wrap It Up, I'll Take It (TIME Global Adviser)

Architectural salvage means you can buy a slice of history for your own castle

Raising Riesling (TIME Global Adviser)

German vineyards that may put the oompah back in a wine lover's life


Hidden Assets

If you want to get rich off Asian stocks, don't follow the crowd


Hunting the Junta (Notebook)

A new report targets Burma's military rulers for crimes against its minority ethnic groups

A Quiet Anniversary (Notebook)

Despite rising Japanese nationalism, the centenary of its greatest naval victory will pass with little fanfare

Letters (Notebook)

Inside the Mind of the Pope