Hail, Mary (Cover Story)

In a theological sea change, Protestants are turning their attention—and devotion—to the mother of Jesus


Out of the Shadows

A troubled Sony selects an American ceo, shocking the country's insular business community—and demonstrating how serious the Japanese crisis of confidence has become

Write and Wrong

Marred by poverty, corruption and dozens of unsolved murders, the world of Philippine journalism offers a chilling insight into the country's problems


Long Haul (TIME Global Adviser)

The Hottest Place to Hula

Postcards from the Edge (TIME Global Adviser)

Feeling intrepid? Beat those mass tourism blues with a trailblazing trek

On Show (TIME Global Adviser)

Great Dane

Broken Heart (TIME Global Adviser)

Grief, loss and other emotional shocks really can kill you


Attack of the Anti-iPods

With flash and fancy features, new digital-music players are trying to pare Apple's market dominance


The Numbers Man

Once an accountant, Shekhar Kapur later became famous and wealthy as a Hollywood director. Now he's back in Bombay, looking to dramatize the gulf between rich and poor


Who Shot Chen Shui-Bian? (Notebook)

A dead suspect throws fuel into the fire that the assassination attempt was planned

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the Week

Letters (Notebook)

High Stakes in North Korea