The New Radicals (Cover Story)

Young and restless linglei are breaking ranks and rules in a search for personal liberation. but they choose their battles carefully

Linglei Like Me (Cover Story)

China's mainstream absorbs the counterculture as advertising caters to the young and restless


Blood and Money (Crime)

Did a vicious family feud decimate a wealthy Bangkok family?


Terror Behind Bars (Notebook | Pakistan)

An imprisoned militant's threats against President Musharrraf may have been more than just bravado

Where's the Beef? (Notebook | Japan)

A ban on U.S. imports could spell disaster for Japan's biggest gyudon chain and its enthusiasts

Risky Business (Notebook | Taiwan)

A drug bust at a "half-naked crazy party" sheds light on Taiwan's underreported HIV problem

Playing Chicken (Notebook | Thailand)

Thaksin Shinawatra's government comes clean on the extent of avian flu in Thailand

Verbatim (Notebook)

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Readers sound off on TIME's Person of the Year


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As Nepal slips toward anarchy, its embattled King speaks to TIME about his efforts to restore order


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