The Journey Home (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

As Asians set down new roots around the world, home is no longer a fixed destination, explains Pico Iyer

Our Voyagers (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

TIME rounded up 15 writers of the Asian diaspora to share their views on culture, identity and what it really means to journey home

Ghost Town (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Spirits from a childhood in Manila still haunt Jessica Hagedorn. They also inspire her

The Outsider (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

When Wendy Law-Yone returned to Burma after 33 years, she discovered that exile was a deliverance from her homeland's living hell

Tokyo Popped (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

On a visit to his ailing grandmother, Karl Taro Greenfeld realizes that he has changed more than his homeland has

Into Thin Air (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Monique Truong is caught between her country of birth and her country of refugeneither of which she can yet call home

Changing Course (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Peter Hessler journeys back to the Chinese river town of Fuling, the setting of his first book, and finds that his characters are writing a whole new story

Racial Profiling (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Does nature or nurture decide who you are? Gish Jen dissects the question of identity, and what it is to beand not beChinese

Unsafe Havens (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

His house on Beijing's Nanxiao Lane was once a refuge to him. Now Ma Jian knows that home is simply where he is, and something he carries inside himself

A Vanished Place (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Photographer Chien-Chi Chang returns to his family village for the first time in 32 years

We Are Family (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

During a visit to his native South Korea, Chang-rae Lee learns that living abroad and losing his language are no barriers to belonging

The Pathos of Exile (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

In Lahore for a wedding, Mohsin Hamid is seduced by the city's bright lights and wonders why he ever left

Basic Instinct (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Pankaj Mishra finds peace in a simple and remote Himalayan hamlet that succeeds in ignoring the rest of the world

Coming Out (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Shyam Selvadurai set up house with his boyfriend in his native Sri Lankaa land where homosexuality is officially outlawed

A House Divided (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Ved Mehta returns to his family home, lost during the violent partitioning of India and Pakistan, and discovers that the past is history

Home Free (Special Issue | Asian Journey Home)

Hamid Karzai dreamed for years of his eventual homecoming. But for both him and his newly reborn nation, the journey has only begun



Art History (Books)

Persepolis draws the veil off the Ayatollahs' Iran



Requiem For A Policy (Notebook | South Korea)

Hyundai executive Chung Mong Hun commits suicide as Korea's cash-for-talks controversy remains unresolved

India's Star Wars (Notebook | India)

Did Rupert Murdoch's Star News sidestep the law? Or are competitors just trying to get even?

Spanning the Pearl Delta (Notebook | Hong Kong)

Long foiled by red tape and politics, a new bridge promises to link Hong Kong closer to the Mainland

Milestones (Notebook)

MILF leader Hashim Salamat dies

Verbatim (Notebook)

Arnold Schwarzenegger runs for the election of California Governor

Letters (Notebook)

Live Long and Prosper