Peace and War (Asia)

South Korea's new President likes a challegeand he's got a big one on his hands

Psst, Wanna Nuke? (Asia)

North Korea's economy is shored up by a range of dodgy trades

A Turn of the Screw (Viewpoint)

How do you nix Kim Jong Il's atomic ambition? Squeeze him economically


Japan's Deflation Dogfight (Viewpoint)

Koizumi wants Japan's banking chief to fight deflationbut is that what the country needs?


A Dose of Reality

News Corp. brings cheesy TV to China but can't reach a mass audienceyet

Not a Happy Camper

Although some small companies have flourished, Chinese media is still dominated by giant state-run enterprises


The Week in Peace (Notebook)

While the world waits for bombs to start falling in Iraq, peace is getting a chance in some of Asia's perennial hot spots

Verbatim (Notebook)

Quotes of the week

Milstones (Notebook)

Memorable moments from the week that was


Cool Jay (Music)

His teacher thought he was dumb. Idolmakers thought he was ugly. But Jay Chou has become Asia's hottest pop star

Back on Track? (Movies)

Gong Li returns to the screen in Zhou Yu's Train

Guilt Trippers (Movies)

The Thirteen Steps tackles un-Japanese issues of individual conscience


Keeping Time

TIME's picks of things to do this month in Asia

Off the Shelf

Lonely Planet's A House Somewhere examines the expatriate life