Your Mind, Your Body

Formerly skeptical doctors are finding that the mind and the body work as one


The Gathering Storm

TIME Asia, Simon Elegant, K. Baradan, Anthony Davis, Nelly Sindayen, Syed Talat Hussain, Tim McGirk, Donald Macintyre, Mike Meyer, Alex Perry, Jason Tedjasukmana, Michiko Toyama, Izhar Wani, Douglas Wong, Iraq, United States, War, Asia, Muslim

Gunning for War

To justify armed conflict, both Islam and democracy are being perverted

Not on the Same Page

In South Korea's eyes, the U.S. approach to the North Korean nuclear crisis is making things worse


Getting Testy (Notebook)

India and Pakistan engage in another war of words. Let's hope it stays at that

Halting At the Altar (Notebook)

Taiwan lawmakers try to combat the country's sky-high divorce rates

Handycams in Space (Notebook)

With its first spy satellites on the way, Japan is keeping a closer eye on its neighbors

Milestones (Notebook)

Lord Jenkins, man of politics and letters, dies; Gary Glitter is kicked out of Cambodia


The Beluga's Blues (Travel / Food & Wine)

Facing pollution and rampant overfishing, a rare treat heads to extinction