This Year's Red (Cover Story)

Visionary Chen Yifei is fashioning a vivid new lifestyle for China

The Bright House (Cover Story)

Developer Pan Shiyi is bringing color to China's drab homes and offices

Signature Dish (Cover Story)

Zhang Jinjie's distinctive fusion cuisine makes her China's hottest young chef. Not bad for someone who couldn't cook

The Strokes (Cover Story)

Cutting-edge calligrapher Xu Bing sees his brush as a cultural bridge, and the world is meeting him halfway

They Are For Real (Cover Story)

Who cares about political statements? China's newest movie directors just want to have fun

Bad Company (Cover Story)

Lost in a moral vacuum, Chinese youths are dropping out of mainstream society and turning to crime

A Different Party Line (Cover Story)

For the Chinese Communist Party to survive, it must undertake what was once unthinkable: political reform

True Believers

Mainlanders are rediscovering their spirituality, aided by a government that is turning the other cheek

Back-Alley Blues (Cover Story)

The clearance of the capital's traditional but run-down hutong homes is changing the way Beijingers live


Holy Man

Dynamic Muslim preacher Aa Gym spreads a practical message of prosperity and piety


Sketchy Response (Notebook)

After a speedy initial reaction, is Indonesia's Megawati flagging in her crackdown on terrorists?

Milestones (Notebook)

For the Week of November 11, 2002


The Toughest Topic

In Aparna Sen's new film, a Hindu and a Muslim come together in an India sundered by religious strife


Hot Spot

A classy Japanese ryokan experience

Short Cuts

The Izu west coast offers a variety of outdoor fun


Shimoda's floating aquarium