Stalking a Killer (Cover Story)

Far from being contained, Asia's HIV epidemic is poised to explode. TIME tracks the route of the virus

Prevention (Cover Story)

Asia's quest for an AIDS vaccine


Taking the Hard Road

Indonesia faces a tough choice: crack down on extremists and risk an Islamic backlashor incur America's wrath

China's New Game

The P.L.A. is going high-tech in a revamped strategy to take on Taiwanand possibly the U.S.

Accounted for, at Last

North Korea's admission that it kidnapped Japanese citizens leaves their nation in anguish


A Star Is Reborn

9/11 overshadowed last year's Toronto filmfest. Now it is back as a bright showcase for provocative cinema

Great Escape

Books: Escape from China tracks the flight of a Tiananmen Square protester

Pastor in Exile

TIME talks to the Tiananmen square dissident about his harrowing flight from China


Rat Fink (Notebook)

Was a deadly poisoning in the Chinese city of Tangshan capitalist competition gone awry?

Person of the Week (Notebook)

Kim Jong Il apologizes to Japan, and earns North Korea some desperately needed cash


Hot Spot

The Desert PoliceJordan's sandblasted law enforcers


Building carved into solid rock

Short Cuts

Spending the night under the stars in a Bedouin-style camp