Batting Out Of Their League

Thanks to an archaic ownership system, Japanese baseball is losing its best players, its fans and its soul

Guarding Reputations

Japan's peacekeepers in Israel are well-trained, disciplined and prepared to deliver the goods

Geishas & Godzillas

Which is odder — the image of Japan in Hollywood movies or the image of Japan in its own films?

Techno Fetishes

Plugged in, wired up and totally hooked, American otaku confess their secret Japanese addictions

High Concept, High Stakes

Japanese designers revolutionized clothes, so why doesn't one head a major Western fashion house?

Sushi: It's On a Roll

A dash of dashi, a mist of miso — Japanese ingredients have invaded Manhattan's kitchens

Look Back In Anger

Asians are fans of Japan's products and culture but relations remain haunted by its failure to address war atrocities

Generation Gap

A Korean boy's love of Japanese animation stokes memories of wartime occupation in his grandmother

The Future Perfect

How did Japan become the favored default setting for so many cyberpunk writers?

Who's the Boss?

Japan arrived in a sleepy town in Georgia in 1989. The dying textile center hasn't been the same since


It's Time to Buy

Taiwan wants destroyers, anti-missile systems and a few subs. How much hardware should the U.S. sell Taiwan? China thinks none sounds about right

Bullion in Every Pot

Thaksin was going to use the gold to pay the deficit and save Thailand. Good plan. One glitch: no gold


A Simple Plan

From Bangalore comes a spirited attempt to bring computers to the gigabyte-less masses