Television: The Goof Is Out There

The comic-relief sidekicks on The X-Files become not-so-funny leading men in a slapstick comedy

As TV assistant directors' tasks go--riding herd on crew, wrangling stray actors--it was a pretty easy one. Tom Braidwood was an AD on The X-Files' first season when his bosses were casting a trio of conspiracy-theorizing underground journalists. They had already tapped Dean Haglund and Bruce Harwood, actors from Vancouver, where the show was shot, but for the third character, Frohike--a scruffy older guy with the hots for Gillian Anderson's FBI agent Dana Scully--they were stymied. The episode's director, says Braidwood, "turned to [X-Files creator] Chris Carter and said, 'We need somebody slimy. Somebody like Braidwood." So they asked Braidwood. "It...

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