Rewriting the Book on Dinosaurs

Forget what you knew: they weren't necessarily cold-blooded or pea-brained, and may not really be extinct

A cool and misty dawn, circa 78 million B.C. A lone triceratops interrupts a leisurely meal of ferns and twigs to glance around uneasily. Though the 11-ton creature is an intellectual lightweight, it senses the danger lurking in the surrounding forest. Suddenly, out from behind a tree lumbers one of the largest and fiercest carnivores that have ever lived: Tyrannosaurus rex. Although this beast is a mere adolescent, it is 15 ft. tall and armed with dagger-sharp teeth. The triceratops attempts a retreat, but the cold-blooded creature can only move slowly. It is too soon after sunrise, and the dinosaur hasn't...

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