The Urban Crisis: Everybody's Fall Guy

As Los Angeles' neighbors sink under smog, congestion, crime and uncurbed development, they have made the city a whipping boy for all their woes

Los Angelization: 1) The process in which rapid population growth, uncontrolled development, increasing congestion, rampant crime and environmental damage combine to make other cities in the Western U.S. resemble Los Angeles. 2) A descent into urban hell.

Sniping at Los Angeles for its smog, sprawl and gridlocked freeways is a time-honored pastime in the West. Traditionally, the gibing has been mixed with an abiding envy of the California megalopolis' trend-setting dynamism. But lately no amount of envy -- or imitation -- seems enough to offset the vitriol that is being aimed at L.A. from every direction. Los Angeles has become the...

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