Letters, Oct. 25, 1954

  • Racial Flare-Up

    Sir: It was to be expected that the desegregation decision of the Supreme Court would bring out whatever beastly intolerance exists in what we flatteringly speak of as ''Christian America."

    But the actions of those intolerant yokels in Delaware [TIME, Oct. 11] . . . show that while we have gone a long way in decency as interpreted by our high court there is a great segment of our population that is still a backwoods mob without the slightest comprehension of democracy or Christianity . . .


    Kansas City, Mo.

    Sir: ... It seems impossible that Bryant Bowles, his followers, and the people of Milford could call themselves "democratic," but they undoubtedly do. What do they think they are accomplishing by starting these race fights? . . . Perhaps they are deliberately passing the plum of prejudice to Russia for her to present to the Communists as proof of American idiocy . . .

    SUZANNE E. McKEE Boston

    Censure from Europe

    Sir: ... I read with poignantly mixed emotions the piece by Emmet Hughes from London on how McCarthy hurt the U.S. cause in Europe [TIME, Oct. 4].

    When I tried to tell the State Department the same thing, in practically the same words, a year and a half ago, I had my throat Cohned and Schined from career to here,* while the schizoid psychological warriors of Foggy Bottom ran for cover . . .

    I doubt that the Hughes report meant as much to anyone else as it did to me.


    Sir: ... I have just returned from a three-month tour of Europe and the Middle East myself, visiting 18 countries, and I have talked with a lot of people over there concerning Senator McCarthy. I find that the informed people . . . like McCarthy. For instance, in Turkey I found the Senator was greatly admired, for the Turks know the Communists; they liked him in Spain; in Ireland, yes, and even some places in England and Scotland. The only people who don't like Senator McCarthy are the ones whose minds have been poisoned by such magazines as yours, or are Pinks or Reds themselves . . . NATHAN BOLTON Publisher

    Bastrop Daily Enterprise Bastrop, La.

    Sir: . . . Now I can tell all my apprehensive Asian friends that we in Pakistan were right to choose the U.S. as our ally and that their criticisms I of McCarthyism in] your great country are not justified ...


    Praise & Censure (Contd)

    Sir: . . . The Watkins committee report [TiME, Oct. 4] is an important step in the discharge of the moral obligation of the U.S. Senate to its own dignity and to the entire world: the placing of Joe McCarthy in his proper perspective.

    Even as a practicing attorney, one needs, from time to time, an inward, spiritual reassurance of the basic soundness of our adversary system of justice. The Watkins report provides such reassurance, as well as proof that our rules of evidence . . . provide an effective means of dealing with the McCarthys and their like.



    Sir: . . . McCarthy's political demise will be the greatest impetus to Communism this country has ever received.



    Second Things First

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